Mentoring During a Pandemic (Notes for COVID-19)

By Rik Nemanick, Ph.D. With all of the uncertainty we are facing due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, it is fair to ask why write a piece on mentoring. Everyone is scrambling to understand what they should do during the current situation or how it will affect them and their families. It is because of this uncertainty that mentoring matters. While a mentor may not have any answers to the questions any of us is facing, a mentor can provide some time and space to catch our breath and vent some of the pent-up anxiety COVID-19 is bringing on. To...
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The Mentors Way Rule #8: Honor the Journey

by Rik Nemanick, Ph.D. This post is the eighth in the series The Mentor’s Way, a set of guides for mentors who want to bring out the best in others. We are all on our own journeys of discovery, learning, and growth. There were parts of your own journey where change was rapid and learning needed to come quickly. On other parts of the journey, you faced difficult choices that needed to be made. There were parts of your journey where you really needed the help and perspective of a mentor. As you worked your way through the difficult parts of your...
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Advice for Professionals Seeking Mentors

by Rik Nemanick, Ph.D. I have been working in leadership development consulting for close to nineteen years. I spent years in graduate school earning degrees in organizational psychology so I could be a skilled professional. However, one of the lessons I learned not long after graduation was the same lesson countless accountants, lawyers, engineers, scientists, physicians, and others have learned: school doesn’t teach you what you need to know to be a professional. My graduate education gave me a lot of skills and knowledge that I use regularly in my consulting. But, very little time was devoted to being a psychologist working in...
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Change is all around us, but mostly in us

by Bob Grace, Ph.D. I was recently listening to a presentation on leadership that focused on the changing reality of work.  While listening, I was struck by the idea that people are feeling a loss of community at work.  The premise was that the pace of work has eroded the sense of connectedness and community at work.  Immediately, I wondered how my parents, or grandparents, would have responded to the idea of community at work.  Very shortly, I heard my dad’s voice in my head saying, “Community?  You go to work to work.” I believe a large part of the...
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