How Can I Benefit from a Mentor?

by Rik Nemanick, Ph.D. Whether you already know someone whom you would consider a mentor, or you think finding a mentor would help you advance your career, you may not consider the many ways they can learn from a mentor. Mentoring works best for those who are goal driven and understand how they can benefit from what a mentor has to offer. What follows are just a few of the roles a mentor can play for you that you should consider when working with a mentor. 1. A Seasoned Veteran. The first, and most obvious, role a mentor can play...
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Are You Ready to be a Mentor?

Whether intentional or not, many of us will find ourselves in the role of a mentor during some point in our lives. Whether these relationships are more formal (part of a program or from an explicit request for mentoring) or less formal (a relationship that forms slowly over time), we should take a moment to make sure we are ready for the responsibility of helping to guide another’s development. Below are some questions you should ask yourself whenever you find yourself in the mentor’s role.  1. Do you have the time to be a mentor? In order for any relationship...
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Mentoring in Practice: Dan Getman of Pfizer

Mentoring in Practice Dan Getman, Ph.D., Vice President, Pfizer Global Research & Development Q: Tell me about a person who made a difference to you in your career. A: Almost every boss or colleague I have had has been a mentor in some regard. I would point to my first Boss, Don Morris. He did a great job of exposing me to the breadth of the corporation. He really gave me a lot of opportunities to make connections and presented me with a lot of opportunities that I was able to expand my knowledge and perspective within the industry and...
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