Strategic Planning

The Situation

The process of strategic planning is intended to align an organization’s priorities and create plans to achieve its mission and improve competitiveness over time. Unfortunately, many “strategic” planning processes yield tactical plans that fail to prepare an organization for its future. Worse, they are one-time events that build up a lot of energy that dissipates when the leaders return to work. The leaders miss an opportunity to truly work on the business and instead produce plans that lack vision or accountability and quickly become “shelf-ware.”

Our Solution

Navigating through challenging economic and market conditions requires strategic planning that’s solid enough to give you an unshakeable foundation, and nimble enough to shift when the environment dictates a change. Working with the entire company or a single division, we can guide you through a strategic planning process that will give you the focus and flexibility you need to handle whatever comes your way. We can help you:

  • Create a clear organizational vision and a guiding mission
  • Identify strategic priorities to achieve the vision
  • Develop implementation plans to align the organization around the mission

Our Process

Our process is different in that we treat planning as a process instead of an event. The planning process begins with pre-work that engages the leadership team with questions about the competitive position of the organization and each leader’s vision for the future. The actual planning process takes place in steps, with homework assigned between the steps to get additional feedback and perspective from stakeholders who are not directly participating. The process ends with action planning that establishes accountability and timelines meant to turn strategy into results.