Executive Team Synchrony

The Situation

An effective executive team is capable of amazing work. When you get talented leaders working together in synchrony, the actions of the individuals fit together seamlessly and propel the team to achieve remarkable results. Creating the synchrony can be difficult, as the strength of the team is often drawn from the combination of many different personalities. Many teams have stumbled or failed to achieve results when team members don’t appreciate the unique strengths each member of the team brings. Teams rarely take time to assess how they are functioning as a team. As a result, trust issues and conflicts remain unaddressed, and accountability falls apart.

Our Solution

Creating team synchrony requires stopping to reflect on how the team is operating and then making conscious decisions about how to improve. Our process helps teams make sure they are addressing the right issues, solving the right problems, and coordinating action across the organization. We help our clients improve their executive teams by:

  • Examining established norms
  • Evaluating the decision-making process
  • Aligning the team around its strategic priorities
  • Building cohesion through an appreciation of each team member’s perspective and strengths

Our Process

  • Assessment: Through surveys or interviews, we collect feedback from the team members on the team’s functioning. We also may include an assessment of individual differences among the team members.
  • Feedback & Diagnosis: We engage the executive team in the diagnosis process by sharing the feedback and highlighting the gaps. We create a safe environment to discuss the gaps and address the root issues.
  • Accountability Planning: We help the team identify key changes they want to make to how they are operating (including to norms, decision processes, etc.) and make plans for changing. We also coach the team’s leader on establishing accountability for improvement.