Employee Engagement Solutions

The Situation

Research has demonstrated the link between a culture of engagement and important organizational outcomes, including productivity, employee and customer loyalty, and profitability. If used to their fullest effect, engagement surveys can be a powerful way to let employees communicate about the company’s culture and provide feedback that can be an early warning system for problems as well as guide a company’s strategy. Unfortunately, some companies do not track employee engagement at all. Others conduct surveys, but they do not take meaningful action based on the feedback. Not only is feedback squandered, but lack of follow through leads to cynicism and distrust.

Our Solution

Employee engagement surveys should not be treated as stand-alone, annual events but part of a larger process of communicating with employees and fine-tuning a company’s operations and culture. We help clients maximize their return on data by providing technical expertise and a third-party perspective that is not colored by pre-existing perspectives or agendas. From survey design to analysis and interpretation through feedback and action planning, we work with clients to achieve clarity and drive results.

Our Process

  • We begin by making sure the process is asking the right questions. Too many surveys return inscrutable results because of poorly design questions and methodology.
  • We analyze data by spotting trends and meaningful differences that tell a story of how the organization is working. We partner with clients to link relevant operational and financial data to results to identify key drivers of success.
  • For situations that require further exploration, we employ disciplined focus group methods to understand complex issues better.
  • We design feedback processes that share the results inside the organization and create coordinated action plans to connect the feedback to action and results.