Mentoring Programs

Our mentoring programs work because we have over a decade of experience with mentoring and mentoring programs. We have helped companies structure programs that drive results by tailoring proven best practices to a company’s unique culture.

Program Design and Implementation Our program consulting ensures that our mentoring program starts strong and avoids expensive learning curves. With experience across industries and organizations of all sizes, we bring mentoring best practices which are customized to your needs.

Mentoring Program Training Our workshops and seminars are dynamic and engaging, teaching mentors the skills they need to be effective, and mentees the tools needed for success. We have trained over 2,000 mentors and protégés to accelerate the mentoring process. Even if you don’t have a formal mentoring program, our seminars can energize your employees and maximize the benefits from informal mentoring that is already occurring. Our sessions range from two hours to a full day, and can be used to kick off a program or refresh your current mentors and mentees. Our expert mentoring program trainers have helped hundreds of mentors and protégés launch successful mentoring partnerships.

Program Evaluation and Audit Our consultants can help you understand the impact your mentoring program is having on the organization and how the program can be improved. Our evaluation services examine many aspects of a mentoring program to ensure it is successful, and provide feedback to make it better.