Leadership Training

Individual Feedback systems are used as the basis of individual and/or team interventions to increase understanding and to move employees, managers and/or teams around interpersonal barriers and return them to prime functioning. We utilize several feedback systems including 360º Feedback, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and DiSC as part of this process.


Leadership Learning Series

Our leadership Learning Series is a collection of workshops designed to make leaders more effective in their roles. The workshops are designed to be a series that can be taken in sequence. Clients can build a custom series by selecting the topics (below) that would have the most impact on the leaders in their organizations.

• Role of the Leader
• Communication & Listening Skills
• Motivating Your Team
• Goal Setting/Expectations
• Managing Conflict
• Coaching for High Performance
• Flexibility & Change
• Building Effective Teams
• Problem Solving & Decision Making
• Partnering & Collaboration
• Interviewing & Selection
• Planning & Prioritizing
• Strategic Thinking