Assessing Leaders for Selection and Development

The Leadership Effect offers best practice leadership assessment solutions to help clients select and develop leadership talent.

Assessing Leaders for Selection

Hiring the wrong employee can be costly. The costs of hiring or promoting the wrong person to a leadership role are multiplied, as one ineffective leader can negate the efforts of a team or entire department.
When used for selection, our assessments help you identify the characteristics your leaders need to be successful and determine who will be most likely to succeed. Our process is a natural complement to traditional interviews, providing focused information that will lead you to better selection decisions.

Assessing Leaders for Development

Business challenges arise too quickly to wait for leaders to develop over time. To remain competitive, successful companies develop a strong bench of leaders who are ready to assume higher roles and are able to make the transition smoothly.
Our developmental assessment process identifies leadership potential. The feedback we provide pinpoints areas of strength and development need relative to more senior roles. The guidance we provide accelerates development and makes transitions more successful.

Assessment Process

Our process begins with an understanding of your company’s leadership goals and the characteristics that lead to success. We then pair proven psychological assessments with real-world simulations to provide a comprehensive assessment of the individual. The assessment provides meaningful, actionable feedback to inform decisions and guide development. We have a variety of options that scale with the level of leader as well as the depth of information you need to understand leadership potential.

Why The Leadership Effect?

Our consultants have been assessing leadership potential since 1990 in organizations across industries, ranging in size from family businesses to the Fortune 500. All of our consultants hold advanced degrees in psychology.