Executive Compass 360™

Going Beyond Traditional Multirater Feedback

Your business is only as successful as the executives you have leading it. One of the most popular tools used to increase the effectiveness of executives is the 360° (or multirater) feedback process. These assessments are often administered on-line using established leadership models. While these tools are very effective in developing supervisors and managers, they often fail to address the more complex, strategic challenges facing senior executives in organizations. 

  • A standardized instrument often fails to capture the individualized feedback that an executive needs to identify true areas for development.
  • Executive often receive high ratings (all 4’s and 5’s) across a standard leadership model, offering little guidance for where to improve.
  • The most valuable part of the computer-based 360° for executives is often the open ended section. But, with feedback that says, “Be a better communicator” or “Be more strategic,” executives are left with little specific information that is truly useful.

Our Executive Compass 360 process goes beyond traditional, computer-based multirater feedback by getting a full picture of the executive that is tailored to his or her situation. Rather than starting with a generic competency model, we tailor each 360 process to the needs of the individual leader to maximize the value of the feedback.

  • We start the process by meeting with the boss and executive to create the feedback frame.
  • Our consultants then interview the executive, the boss, peers, customers (internal and external), and subordinates to paint a complete picture (usually 12-15 interviews).
  • An individualized report is prepared, summarizing the feedback from all the sources.
  • The report is then reviewed with the boss and executive, focusing on identifying goals for the executive’s development.
  • The executive has an option to start a coaching process working with one of our consultants to transfer the feedback into action and results. 

Why The Leadership Effect?

Our consultants have been assessing and coaching leaders since 1994 in organizations across industries ranging in size from a 10-person family business to many companies in the Fortune 500. All of our consultants hold advanced degrees in psychology (Ph.D. or M.S.).