Leadership in Practice: Rev. Ralph Siefert of Chaminade

September 1st, 2009   •   no comments   

Leadership in Practice: A Conversation with Rev. Ralph Siefert, S.M., President, Chaminade College Preparatory Q: Can you give me a two minute synopsis of how you got to where you are now? A: I got here by being in the right place at the right time. I had an appointed position inside the Society of […]

Leadership in Practice: Tom Schlafly

June 22nd, 2009   •   Comments Off on Leadership in Practice: Tom Schlafly   

Leadership in Practice: A Conversation with Tom Schlafly, President, St. Louis Brewery & Taproom; Partner, Thompson Coburn LLP  Q: Tell me about the different hats you wear and how you see yourself as a leader.  A: I have more experience sitting on both not-for-profit and some for-profit boards than in an actual managerial or administrative position. […]

Planning for Succession

June 1st, 2009   •   Comments Off on Planning for Succession   

Imagine this scenario: your company is acquired by another firm, triggering changes in the retention agreements for all of your C-level executives, allowing them to leave en masse. And they do. This situation is what Kellwood Company, the apparel designer and manufacturer, faced in 2008. While losing the majority of senior leadership would have sent […]

Following Up: The Forgotten Part of Coaching

March 15th, 2009   •   Comments Off on Following Up: The Forgotten Part of Coaching   

A common frustration we hear from managers is that their people don’t change after coaching conversations.  They may talk to an employee about his or her behavior during meetings, meeting deadlines, or being more proactive about completing assignments; but, the managers don’t see the desired improvement in behavior.  Additionally, their frustration rises when the employee […]

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